Into The Deep



To go under the sea is to be on a different planet. The enigmatic depths of the ocean reveal only what it wants us to see. Within it, nature is at its most vibrant and powerful. Ever-enamoured by the power and unfathomable grandeur of what lies beneath, VENYX introduces the new INTO THE DEEP collection. Take our hand, and take a deep breath…

In the spotlight is an emblem of power: the shark’s tooth. The collection plays with gold to recreate the imperfect lines of the tooth, creating with it a unique and contemporary charm that fuses fine jewellery with nature’s contours.

VENYX is devoted to celebrating the planet and its place in the universe. This comes with a respect for the earth and its elements, and a sense of duty in its protection. 10% of proceeds from the INTO THE DEEP collection are donated to the SeaLegacy charity, whose mission is to create healthy and abundant oceans, for people and for the planet.

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Imagine being free… free to go anywhere and everywhere, as your imagination takes you – not just location-wise but time-wise. Free to travel back in time to the elegance of the 20s and retro 50s or to meet heroes of history. Free to travel forwards in time too, and explore wondrous planets and secret galaxies. Eugenie Niarchos captures these liberating opportunities in her jewellery creations, subtly and serenely combining retro and futuristic aesthetics. Small attentive details inspire concepts with clean, uncluttered lines to redefine past as present. The result is a story artistically told by Eugenie as she translates the ordinary into something extraordinary. A keen traveller, Eugenie collects inspiring imagery from her many journeys and carefully nurtures them on Venyx world as the starting point for her fine jewellery creations. Merging classical and the antique with modern concepts is the aim, with future creations set to include jewels and high-tech bejewelled objects. Welcome to our mystical planet.

Designer Eugenie Niarchos