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In Antiquity, and also in the Middle Ages, the formation of gemstones was seen as an efflux of the stars. There also existed belief in the interrelation of certain constellations, the so-called zodiac signs, to man and gemstones.

The Zodiac Coins are representing each of the zodiac signs through a centre stone (on the front), typical of the sign itself, and the constellation map (on the back), beautifully set with diamonds.

Your Zodiac Coin can be personalised with a short phrase, to own an even more unique piece of jewellery.

  • 18kt Yellow Gold approx 17.50gr
  • 21 Diamonds 0.19ct
  • 1 Emerald 0.32ct
  • 2 Blue Sapphires 0.06ct
  • Height 30mm, Width 26mm
  • Chain’s Length  60cm
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