Moonlight and the Sea. A crescent moon –  Yemanja’s symbol and the link between the depths of the ocean and outer space. The subtle colours of the diamonds and coloured stones in soft polished cabochon shapes, artfully portray the colours of the sea water and moonlight.

  • 18k Rose Gold approx. 14.10gr
  • 58 Diamonds 0.50ct
  • 2 Carnelian 1.22ct
  • 4 Red Garnets 4.30ct
  • 4 Rhodocrosites 1.06ct
  • 6 Rhodolites 0.88ct
  • 6 Pink Tourmalines 0.18ct
  • Height 40mm, Width 36mm
  • O-LN-EAR-18R-DCS

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