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The shape and setting of the Thalia Oval has a signet ring quality, a delicate painting of nature set within a rainbow border.

The natural patterns created by the Dendritic Agate appear as if ink stains have bloomed from the centre, creating a painterly seaweed-shaped silhouette, connected to Greek Nereid Thalia’s marine-nymph mythology.

Crafted in Italy.

  • 18k Yellow Gold approx. 7gr
  • 1 Dendritic Agate 3.15ct
  • 6 White Rose Cut Diamonds 0.40ct VS2-G
  • 2 Blue Diamonds 0.03ct 
  • 2 Yellow Sapphires 0.07ct, 2 Dark Yellow Sapphires 0.01ct 
  • 2 Dark Orange Sapphires 0.03ct, 2 Orange Sapphires 0.03ct
  • 2 Pink Sapphires 0.03ct, 2 Blue Sapphires 0.01ct 
  • 2 Red Spinels 0.03ct, 2 Amethysts 0.01ct
  • 2 Tsavorites 0.03ct, 2 Light Tsavorites 0.02ct
  • Black Rhodium
  • Height 24mm, Width 18mm
  • Product Code : D-TO-RG-18Y-BR-DCS

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