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The simple scallop shell design has been seen in art and jewellery through the ages. A favoured shape, that of the Birth of Venus of Botticelli, has been textured and finished in black rhodium giving it a more stylised vintage effect in a typical Venyx fashion. The Naida Shells mix the baroque shell shape and the V pattern that gives it an edgy twist.

  • 18k Yellow Gold approx. 10.80gr
  • Black Rhodium
  • 17 Diamonds 0.13ct
  • 2 Green Agates 0.05ct
  • 3 Amethysts 0.04ct
  • 2 Blue Sapphires 0.04ct
  • 2 Garnets 0.06ct
  • 2 Rubies 0.04ct
  • 1 Blue Topaz 0.04ct
  • 4 Tsavorites 0.03ct
  • 5 Orange Sapphires 0.03ct
  • Height 40mm, Width 13mm
  • Chain’s Length  46cm
  • O-ND-PND-18Y-DCS
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