A Dialogue Between Jewellery And Surrealism

Art references not only define Venyx’s aesthetics but are also an integral part of the creative process of its founder and creative director, Eugenie Niarchos. Surrealist artist Man Ray, whose work has had a dramatic impact on all decorative arts, is the muse of Venyx’s latest opus: The Man Ray collection, which will be presented at Gagosian on Madison Avenue, in New York, alongside the exhibition “Seeing is Believing: Lee Miller and Friends” scheduled for display from November 11 to December 22 2023.The collection fuses Niarchos’s love of surrealism, in which the extraordinary emerges from the ordinary, opening eyes to new perspectives, and her fascination with the world of unconsciousness and dreams. Three Man Ray’s masterpieces, The Lovers, 1936, Glass Tears, 1932 and The Venus Restored, 1936, are the focus of Venyx’s nine limited edition pieces.

Three masterpieces of renowned surrealist artist Man Ray, inspired Venyx’s new collection of nine limited-edition pieces.