Join VENYX on a journey into a mythological Greek woodland, where Dryad nymphs and spirits wander among the trees and metamorphosise into beautiful goddess form. The new DRYADA collection takes inspiration from the original dryad spirit, and the beauty and enchantment of the natural world.

Centre to this story is Dendritic Agate: a natural agate characterised by brown and black branch-like inclusions. Although many think the agate’s delicate etchings are painted, they are natural and innate to the stone, created by iron oxide or manganese, and form their own unique earth-born signature.

Using the Agate as canvas, Creative Director Eugenie Niarchos has constructed intricate mini landscapes, working with 18ct yellow gold, tourmaline, diamond, black rhodium, sapphire and amethyst to paint a picture reminiscent of vintage cameo jewellery, instead with nature as its portrait and diamond or precious stone as its frame.