Let’s travel together into an imagined galaxy. Let’s marvel at a glittering world without boundaries and with endless untold possibilities. Our story’s heroine is Astraea – daughter of Astraeus and Eos and the mythological ancient Greek star maiden. Inspired always by the enigmatic phenomena of nature and the skies above us, VENYX captures the beauty and magic of an endless starry night in the new ASTRAEA collection.

The stars of the collection are a twinkling confection of diamonds and otherworldly opals. The everlasting sparkle of the stars we see from Earth is matched by the timelessness of diamonds, contrasted against black rhodium – ASTRAEA’s very own night sky.

Now you can star gaze a little closer to home…

VENYX finds endless majesty and stories in the universe. Stars are a galaxy’s punctuation: a signature for both the sky and the ASTRAEA collection.