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Meet crafty Blue Chamaeleo. He is the master of camouflage. It takes patience and dedication to look as stunning as he does in all his forms. With his adaptable nature, his instinct for survival is unparalleled. He is Venyx’s symbol of transformation and change. His spine is set with upside-down stones to create texture.

  • 9kt Yellow Gold approx 9.9gr
  • Black Rhodium
  • 46 Blue Diamonds 0.27ct
  • 54 Yellow Diamonds 0.32ct
  • 12 Blue Sapphires 0.08ct
  • 74 Pink Sapphires 0.53ct
  • 42 Orange Sapphires 0.31ct
  • 4 Citrines 0.02ct
  • 2 Amethysts 0.01ct
  • 44 Tsavorites 0.29ct
  • 29 Red Garnets 0.84ct
  • Height 29mm, Width 20mm
  • Product Code: REP-CHA-9Y-DSTBL

*Also available in 18kt

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